Our Menu

Burritos - Bowls - Quesadillas - Tacos - Nachos - Salads

Our food is inspired by the taquerias in San Francisco’s Mission District. We call our food Fresh Happy Mex – it is our version of Mexican food made from scratch with high quality ingredients.
At Zócalo we serve high quality burritos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, tacos, nachos and salads.  Our guests can either order a set item from the menu (with their selection of protein) or make their own unique meal.

Honest Food is our way of being open with our guests.  On our website and on every receipt guests can see all the ingredients in the food they are eating.  That helps our guests make an informed decision.

We have plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans.  If our guests pick a vegan protein option (veggie strips or pulled veggies) we can make the dish completely vegan by swapping all our dairy-based sauces with vegan varieties.

Don’t like gluten?  There are gluten free varieties for all dishes.  Make your burrito a bowl or change from a flour tortilla to corn tortilla for our tacos and quesadillas.

All nutritional information is available on our website.  There our guests can use our handy calculator to see exactly how many calories their meal includes.

We want to offer healthy and high quality food, but it also has to be affordable.  A lot of our guests eat at Zócalo many times a month and therefore affordability is important.  In Sweden a burrito sells for 9 euros.  For comparison a Big Mac meal costs around 7,5 euros.