Zócalo Franchise

We offer a top-of-the-line franchise solution for building and operating a chain of modern Mexican Fast Food restaurants

Zócalo offers a tried and tested franchise concept.  We have operated Mexican Fast Food restaurants since 2002.  Everything from food preparations to marketing is a part of our franchise offering.  To our franchisees we offer great online support as well as face-to-face support and regular visits to their restaurants.

Zócalo restaurants can have between 1-10 staff working at the same time.  The concept has been developed in the high-wage market of Sweden, and therefore there is an intense focus on making everything efficient and easy for the staff to handle.

We use the latest modern technology.  All our ordering, inventory and quality controls are done in a modern online system.  Our franchisees have access to an online report system with up to the minute sales and labor costs.

For our guests we offer a modern app in which the customer can order and pay ahead of visiting the restaurant.  All online orders come up immediately on our kitchen displays and are handled alongside orders from within the restaurant.  We also offer kiosks for high-volume restaurants where the customer can order and pay instead of using the regular cash registers.

Our Franchisees

Jonas and Malin are area developers for Gothenburg city with four restaurants.  Before they started their first Zócalo restaurant they both had long experience working within McDonald’s.

We are convinced that fresh and healthy food is the future, and we love to help Zócalo make Mexican food more popular and help build a strong brand with Zócalo
Zócalo is a franchise company that offers a friendly environment, they listen to our issues and are quick to make decisions.

Ali and Khloud own the Zócalo restaurant in Kungshallen in downtown Stockholm.  

We are very grateful for the excellent opportunity that Zócalo has given us.  They have helped us at every step in order to realize our dream of owning our own restaurant.  Their ongoing support is fantastic and every issue we have is resolved quickly.

Financial Information

For a franchisee to open a Zócalo restaurant, there are the following franchise related costs:

  • Initial Franchise fee (one-off, fixed sum)
  • Franchise fee (recurring fee, based on turnover)
  • Shared Marketing fee (recurring fee, based on turnover)

The average cost of opening a Zócalo restaurant (assuming a restaurant size of around 150-200 square meters.  Food court locations are less expensive).

  • Kitchen equipment €45.000
  • Bar and dining area furniture and equipment €90.000
  • Construction costs including ventilation: €80.000-150.000 (depending on location)
  • Other initial costs: €20.000
  • Total costs: €235.000-€305.000 (depending on location)

Food court locations cost around €130.000 to build.

Franchise Opportunities

We are currently looking for franchisees for the following markets


Master Franchise or Area Developer Helsinki


Master Franchise or Area Developer Copenhagen.  Zócalo currently operates a succesful restaurant in Tivoli Food Hall.  A potential partner would take over the operations of that restaurant and commit to opening more restaurants in Copenhagen.

For more info please contact FranchisePartner in Denmark.


Malmö / Skåne Area Developer
Stockholm: Franchise different restaurants
Jönköping: Franchise Asecs

Contact us for more information.