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Zócalo offers a tried and tested franchise concept. We have operated Mexican Fast Food restaurants since 2002. Everything from food preparations to marketing is a part of our franchise offering. To our franchisees we offer great online support as well as face-to-face support and regular visits to their restaurants.

Zócalo restaurants can have between 1-10 staff working at the same time. The concept has been developed in the high-wage market of Sweden, and therefore there is an intense focus on making everything efficient and easy for the staff to handle.

We use the latest modern technology. All our ordering, inventory and quality controls are done in a modern online system. Our franchisees have access to an online report system with up to the minute sales and labor costs.

For our guests we offer a modern app in which the customer can order and pay ahead. All online orders (including from external delivery services) come up on our kitchen displays and are handled alongside orders from within the restaurant. We also offer kiosks for high-volume restaurants where guests can order and pay instead of using the regular cash registers.

Zócalo originated in the Taqueriors and the street food in the Mission District of San Francisco. An area where traditional Mexican cuisine meets the fresh Californian food culture. We call our food philosophy Fresh Happy Mex – Mexican food made from scratch with carefully selected ingredients.

From day one, we have focused on selling top quality Mexican fast food. We even tell you exactly what ingredients are in our food through our Honest Menu initiative. We focus on buying quality raw materials and we also have a great focus on serving food that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Zócalo is a concept where every detail has been thought about. Everything from the restaurant’s appearance to the food, packaging and quality control within the restaurant. We are expanding and looking for franchisees for our concept.

We are looking for franchisees in these areas


We have a master franchisee in the UK who is looking for single, multi-unit and regional franchisees.


We are looking for area developer in Skåne and franchisees in Stockholm and other cities.

The Netherlands

We are looking for Master Franchise for the Netherlands or Area Developer for Amsterdam.

The Middle East

We are looking for Master Franchisees for Dubai and other major markets in the Middle East.


We are looking for area developers and multi-unit franchise operators in France. We work with Framboise Consulting


We are looking for master franchisee or local area developers in the US.


We are looking for a Master Franchise for Norway or Area Developer for Oslo.

Other markets

Do you think Zócalo would be perfect for your market? Tell us more about yourself using the form below.


We are looking for master franchisee or local area developers in Germany. For recruitment we work with Seeds Consulting


We are looking for Master Franchise for Finland or Area Developer for Helsinki.


In Denmark we have a master franchisee who operates restaurants in Copenhagen and we are looking for single and multi-unit franchisees in all cities.

Our Franchisees

Jonas and Malin are master franchisees for 4 Zócalo restaurants in Göteborg and Malmö with number 5 opening in the next year. Previously, they both have long experience at McDonald's in Kalmar and Göteborg.

“We are absolutely convinced that tasty, healthy and fresh food is the future. And we want to be part of the journey to spread Mexican food, and to build a strong brand. Zócalo as a franchisor works with family, and with values. Our Franchisor is a good listener, and decisions can be made quickly. An important assessment is that we as a Franchisee are allowed to influence a lot of decisions and where we are going in the future.”

Jimmy and Søren have the master franchise rights for Zócalo in Denmark. They currently have five restaurants with one more opening in the next year. Previously they worked with McDonald’s and Shell.

“Zócalo is a fantastic concept. I really love the food and the focus on healthiness. We also love how the restaurants look great and the concept can handle extremely high volumes like we see during the summertime at our restaurant in Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen. We’ve gotten fantastic support from the head office and they are always just a phone call away. They have given us all the tools and information we need to succeed in our market.”

Sanharib has been a franchisee for a Zócalo restaurant in downtown Uppsala, Sweden since 2018

"Zócalo has been a fantastic franchisor and I quickly get all the support I need. My guests love the Zócalo concept and as a franchisee I get help with all issues related to running the restaurant and my business."

Financial Information

For a franchisee to open a Zócalo restaurant, there are the following franchise related costs:

  • Initial Franchise fee (one-off, fixed sum)
  • Franchise fee (recurring fee, based on turnover)
  • Shared Marketing fee (recurring fee, based on turnover)

We give you

  • An award-winning concept (Zócalo is the Fast Food Restaurant of the Year in Sweden 2013)
  • Decorating and planning your Zócalo restaurant
  • Project management at startup
  • Common cash system with direct connection to guest orders via app or our website.
  • Common system for self-control
  • Common system for scheduling and stamping staff
  • Finished cooperation agreement with suppliers of selected products
  • Training
  • Ongoing support
  • Joint marketing
  • Product development
  • Conferences and meetings with other franchisees

We want you to

  • love our restaurant concept;
  • have an organized budget with room for investment;
  • to be outgoing and social and with experience in guest contact;
  • consider your investment from a long-term perspective;
  • have a business sense and is service- and quality-oriented.

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